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Instruction Sheet for the sale of property in Victoria

If you are ready to proceed, please complete our below initial instruction sheet and submit it to us, we will then contact you within 24 hours to confirm further details and then have your relevant documents prepared for you.

(Please telephone us if you are selling in New South Wales, we will take instructions over the phone as there may be different information required )

Let’s get started, firstly about the property-

What is the address of the property you are selling?

Is the property a:

if it is a Unit what are the details of the Owners Corporation/Managing Agent

Do you intend to sell your property by:

if by auction: what is the intended date of the auction: (dd/mm/yyyy)

Which agent do you intend on selling the property with?
Name of agency:
Contact person:
Phone number:

Have you received any notices from any authority that may affect the property?
No Yes 
if YES what are the details of that notice?

Is there a current mortgage on the property?
No Yes 
if YES who is your loan with ?
if NO, who holds the original title deed?

Are these services connected or available

Have you done any work to the property in the past 7 years?
No Yes 
if YES we will discuss what is required when we speak with you.

Ok, now we need some details about you-

What are the full names of the vendors (the owners) on the title?
Owner 1.
Owner 2.

How do we contact you?
Owner 1. Mobile Work Phone Home Phone Email
Owner 2. Mobile Work Phone Home Phone Email

What is your current home address:

Do you have a different postal address?
No Yes 
if YES details are:

If you do not live in the property is there a tenant?
No Yes 

if YES details of managing agent are:
Do you have a copy of the current Lease?No Yes 

Are you intending on purchasing another property?
No Yes 
if NO what is your future address going to be?

We will require a copy of your current council and water rates notice. If you have these available please provide by facsimile to 03 8677 9241.

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