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Probate is the process of officially proving that a will is valid, this means that upon application to the Supreme Court it will establish if the will of the deceased is their last will and testament. A Grant of Probate is issued in cases where the deceased’s last will is proved by one or more of the executors named in the will. We can assist you with your application for a Grant of Probate.

We can also assist you with collecting assets of the estate, arranging the payment of debts and distributing the estate following probate being granted. We can also assist with Letter of Administration or limited Grants, Applications by Surviving Proprietors and.

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Ian has lived and worked in the Diamond Creek area most of his life. Ian knows Diamond Creek and the surrounding areas very well; he believes in and is dedicated to providing the local people with great legal services. As well, in his spare time, Ian likes to compete in local marathons and the city to surf.

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