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Conveyancing and Property Law

Selling a Property

Before a contract of sale can be signed for the sale of your property, as the seller you must provide a Section 32 which is given to your agent and then onto anyone who intends on purchasing your property. The Sale of Land Act requires that you provide certain information. If you fail to disclose the relevant information about your property the purchaser will be able to cancel the contract. Rules relating to preparation of a Section 32 can be confusing and should always be prepared by a lawyer.

We have full comprehensive knowledge of the Sale of Land Act ensuring that we ask the right questions, get the right answers and obtain the right searches to include in your Section 32 eliminating the risk of incorrect disclosure and reducing the loss of the sale.

We can have a private sale Section 32 prepared for you in 24 hours.

Buying a Property

Fixed Price Conveyancing Diamond ValleyWhether you are purchasing an investment or your family home, whether you have purchased several properties before or if you are a first home buyer, Conveyancing should be done by a qualified lawyer.

We offer the initial service of reviewing the terms and conditions of a Contract and Section 32 for a property that you may be interested in purchasing at auction or privately. Keeping in mind that it is difficult to negotiation changes to the contract during the 3 day cooling off period and that if you end a contract during the 3 day cooling off period you will forfeit 0.2% of the entire purchase price, we can assist you with signing a contract on terms more in your favour rather than in favour of the vendor without forfeiting any money.

We can also assist you with your finance, any stamp duty exemptions or concessions, off the plan purchases,

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