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Legal Interpreting & Translation

Good Story Chinese Translation Pty Ltd can assist with both translation and interpreting throughout the legal process, whether it is a criminal law, family lawcommercial law and real estate (conveyancing) law case. We are regularly booked by law firms, courts & tribunals and law enforcement agencies to satisfy the onerous responsibility of our clients and our society when it comes to equal access to justice. Robertson Legal & Conveyancing Lawyers Pty Ltd is one of our strong partners.

Services We Offer:

Real Estate Law

Happy Family Standing Before Their House

Chinese are opening their arms to embrace Australian properties due to different land ownership laws of China and Australia, for migration purpose or simply a higher return to capital.

We can assist with your communication with your client throughout the process from inspection, to the explanation of Section 32, and the translation of Contract of Sale of Real Estate, all the way to settlement, whether it is onsite, by email or over the phone, to make sure that your clients understand what they are buying.


Commercial Law

Businessman/lawyer With A BriefcaseWith Chinese companies and individuals keen to invest in farms, minerals and agricultural products in Australia, we can assist communications with your Chinese clients and their Australian lawyers to ensure business dealings run smoothly.

We can translate your legal documents such as contract of sale, contract of engagement, building contract and employment contract so that your Chinese clients are on the same page as you.

Our onsite interpreters can attend your office for consultations with your clients or accompany your clients and yourself to inspect businesses, properties and factories sites to identify the issues and discuss solutions or to attend negotiation and mediation.

Phone and email interpreting can be provided to assist lawyers in short notice to facilitate a smooth and timely transaction. Learn more…


Criminal Law

Unhappy lawyer sitting in courtroom

A language barrier should not stop people from getting to the bottom of the truth and getting access to justice and the due process. Our many years experience dealing with legal entities can help you when faced with criminal law matters.

We provide a full range of service including legal consultation, affidavit preparation, mediation interpreting and court interpreting for witnesses and the accused. Learn more…



Family Law

Reading And Writing

Whether it is overseas adoption, divorce or custody legal proceedings, we can help meetings with lawyers and legal entities run smoothly by providing expert interpretation and translation services in Chinese and English.

We provide a full range of service including legal consultation, affidavit preparation, mediation interpreting and court interpreting for witnesses and the applicants.

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Evidentary Audio Material Transcription & Translation

Voice RecorderEvidence speaks for itself and loudly, whether it is a recorded drug deal over the phone, a recorded board meeting or a recorded family argument. Accurate and complete transcription and translation is essential in assisting the court to come to conclusions in regards to facts. We have years of experience doing this due to our specialization in legal interpreting and the wide range of Chinese languages and dialects we cover.

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We also provide conference and delegation interpreting, business interpreting and medical interpreting and translation services. Please visit our website or contact us at (03)94840538 for more information.

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Ian has lived and worked in the Diamond Creek area most of his life. Ian knows Diamond Creek and the surrounding areas very well; he believes in and is dedicated to providing the local people with great legal services. As well, in his spare time, Ian likes to compete in local marathons and the city to surf.

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