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Criminal Law

For over ten years, we have successfully represented local people in many different types of criminal law cases, from drunkenness charges and minor assault charges up to serious cases involving causing of serious injuries.  We give clear advice about the case alleged against you and your chances of success in fighting it.  If necessary, we give advice about pleading guilty to the charge and then negotiate with Police or Prosecution and appear for you.

We are here to advise you but also to act on your instructions.  We will fight as hard as need be if that is what it takes to get you the best possible outcome.

In all cases, we are discreet and courteous.  We do not treat people differently just because they have been charged with an offence.

Other areas include making threats, firearms offences, drug charges, charges involving allegations of sexual offending, theft and related charges, damaging property charges and many others.

Every person has a right to a fair hearing before a court, and, to help make sure that that happens, we strive to make sure that every person is also properly represented before a court.

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Ian has lived and worked in the Diamond Creek area most of his life. Ian knows Diamond Creek and the surrounding areas very well; he believes in and is dedicated to providing the local people with great legal services. As well, in his spare time, Ian likes to compete in local marathons and the city to surf.

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